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  • Private Label Products

    Onoxa Products
    We leverage science, expertise and nature to deliver the most potent formulations in the skin care and beauty industry. Comprised of the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world, our clinical-grade formulas are as effective as they are safe. To view our comprehensive product offering, click here.
    Skin Collection
    Prevention: Stay ahead of the curve with skin care products that give skin the nutrient it needs to glow.
    Aging: Firm and smooth aging skin and wrinkles with restorative, miracle-working ingredients.
    Acne: Banish blemish-prone skin and pollutants with an arsenal of detoxifiers.
    Age Spots & Rosacea: Calming and restorative products that brighten dullness and soothe inflammation.
    Salon Collection
    Hair Care: Renew hair with the most restorative ingredients.
    Nail Care: Keep hands in tact with oils blended to smoothe, moisturize, and perfect.
    Men's Collection
    Men's Skin Care: Products that fight the signs of aging.
    Beard Care: Relax into a grooming routine that's designed just for men.
    Not sure what products are right for you?
    Choosing the right products for your business can be overwhelming. But don't sweat it! From Onoxa's R&D product experts to our sales and marketing teams, we are here to help educate you on formulations, resale information and more; every step of the way.
    Don't hesitate to reach out on our live chat, or email us at [email protected]. 

    How much does it cost to create my own branded skin care products?
    Pricing ranges from $11 to $14.95 per unit, with price points decreasing as your order quantity increases. For detailed prices, click here. 
    How high are my profit margins?
    Our sales and marketing teams are here to help educate you on recommended resale pricing and in-depth product value. Here are our suggested resale ranges for overall product categories:


    I'm looking for a larger order. Can you help me with a custom quote?
    Of course! Click here to complete a custom order form, and a member from our sales team will be in touch right away to get your request started.